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MD DOD Winners

The Dairy of Distinction Program is based on the concept that attractive farmsteads enhance consumer confidence in the dairy industry. The award also recognizes the hard work and efforts of all Northeast dairy farmers. “This grassroots recognition has been the key to the program,” said William Underwood, New York’s first president and farmer from Tully, NY. “This is one way dairy farmers can directly promote their industry”. Honoring these farmers say’s ‘thank you’, and by promoting this program we can encourage other farmers to do the same.

Maryland Dairy of Distinction Awardees


Caprikorn Farm, Gapland

Past Winners:


Michael and Chris Forsythe, Linden Hall Farm

Brooks and Katie Long, Long Delite Farm

Lee Worthington, Fair Oaks Farm

James and Sharon Keilholtz, Glad Ray Farms

Richard Grossnickle, Johnsville Farms

Stup and Jarvis Family, Teabow Farms

Mike and Heather Iager, Bulldog Holsteins

Allen Family, Glen-Toctin Farm

Wayne and Cindee Savage, Savage-Leigh Farm

M. Wayne Warfield, Babble Brook Farm

Walter and Gabrielle Buck, Mt. Ararat Farms

Joe and Nona Schwartzbeck, Peace and Plenty Farm

Iager Family, Maple Lawn Farm

Ryan and Ruth Bell, R.A. Bell and Sons, LLC



Janet Stiles-Fulton and Jessica and J.R. Hess, Shenandoah Jerseys

Arthur and Peggy Johnson, Artie-Jay Farm

Jason and Donna Myers and Kelly Zepp, Windsor Manor Farm

Richard Edwards and Scott Youse, Oakland View Farm, LLC



Denny, Teresa, Brent and Dee Shafer, Shafdon Farms, LLC

Dave and Carole Doody, Tulip Pond Farm



Eric and Faith Burall, Burlin Farm

Curvin and Glennis Eby, Green Acres Farmstead

Myron Martin and family, Peace Hollow Farm,

Mark and Clare Seibert, Paul and Paige, Clear Spring Creamery

Byron and Debbie Stambaugh, Byron Jr., Kenny, Crystal and Tanya, Pheasant Echos



Gary and Crystal Dell, MD-Delight

Judy Gifford and Robert Fry, St. Brigids Farm

Anna, Eric, William and Alfred , Lepter FarmsLepter

David Patrick and family, Maple Dell Farm



Diane Arbaugh, Arbaughs Flowing Springs

Michael Martz, Creekside Dairy

Franklin Thompson, Friendship Ridge



Fritz Family, Fritz-Farm, LLC

Jerry and Barbara Watt, MD Cedar Knoll

Millard Wesley Shafer and John A. Shafer, Jr., Potomac View Farm, LLC



Gene Iager, Glamourview

David and Josh Roderick, Glade Haven Farms, LLC

Sellers Family, Panora Acres










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