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Awards will be based upon neatness, good maintenance, and other factors, which can be controlled by the dairy producer. Attractive background scenery should not be weighed heavily in judging. All judging observations should be made from a vehicle at one or more points on an adjacent public highway (or if farm is off the road, the nearest lane). Judging should give equal consideration to old wood construction and new construction of metal or concrete block. The award program may be used for subsequent advertising or promotion activities for dairy products or dairy farming. Dairy producers who apply for awards agree that, if selected, they will cooperate with these activities and make all reasonable efforts to maintain both the exterior and interior of their properties in an acceptable condition.

How The Judging  Works
Judging teams will visit farms during the month of May. Farms will be judged each year as the award is presented on an annual basis. Any dairy failing to maintain appearance standards will be asked to remove their sign. The Dairy of Distinction signs remain the property of the committee, not the property of the dairy producer. All farms must achieve a compliance score of 90 percent on their Dairy of Distinction score card.


1.   The Dairy of Distinction sign remains the property of the Northeast Dairy Farm Beautification Program Committee (NEDFBP).

2.   The post and bracket shall be supplied by and maintained by the dairy farmer. NEDFBP suggests that a wood post 4” x 4” x 12’ or iron pipe 2” x 12’ be used. Posts or pipe should be installed and maintained in true vertical position with 8’ above ground. Top of the bracket should be lower than six inches from the top of the post. In addition, NEDFBP suggests that the sign be mounted in a frame to provide additional stability.

3.   The sign shall be displayed in front of the dairy at roadside. An attractive post and bracket, or other frame shall be used to display the sign. No more than three signs should be displayed from the sign frame or post, and all shall be of a style, general size and quality comparable to the Dairy of Distinction sign. The sign should be secured on all sides to avoid wind damage.

4.   Signs shall not be moved to other premises. New owners of a Dairy of Distinction farm must re-apply to retain the sign. 

5.   Replacement of damaged signs shall be at the discretion of the committee.

6.   No producer shall be charged with scoring or sign expenses.

7.   The judges’ decision will be final.

8.  Judging will take place between May 1 and May 31.

9.   Farms awarded a Dairy of Distinction sign in previous years will be judged between April 1 and April 30. If they do not qualify, they will be re-judged between May 1 and May 31 so they have the opportunity to keep the sign.

10.  Farms that do not re-qualify will return the sign to their regional Dairy of Distinction Committee.

Select the state tab above to view past New York and Pennsylvania Dairy of Distinction Winner.


To apply for the Dairy of Distinction award select/highlight the "Home" tab to display

the "Application"option or click this link "Application". 

 If you need more information please contact your State Secretary

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